• ALMARI is a service that keeps all your Occasional Wears, Business Suits, Premium Garments etc in a safe, secure and careful manner
  • We make sure your outfits are delivered to you in a Ready-To-Wear condition, everytime you need them, within 24 hrs
  • All garments are kept at a specially designed ALMARI Care-House, which are equipped with Air-Purifiers and Air-Conditioners
  • All garments are kept on Hangers, inside a Dust-Proof cover and maintained using a Garment Steamer in every 15 days
  • Each garment is Photographed, Barcoded, monitored with CCTV cameras 24×7
  • Each garment has Insurance Policy

To open an account with us, you just need to call us;

  • Our representative will come to your place, get the form filled, collect the payment and collect the garments from you.
  • Once your garments reach at ALMARI’s Care-House, a customer number is created
  • Photographs of the garments are taken and a unique code is assigned to the each set of garments, which is mapped with the customer’s number
  • Photographs of the garments with the Code is shared with the customer.

What to expect from ALMARI?

  1. Your clothes will be kept safe, secure and separated, In case they need extra TLC, that can be provided too!
  2. Every outfit you’ve deposited with us will be available for you wear, whenever an occasion comes along!
  3. Should anything untoward happen, be rest assured that every outfit in your ALMARI is insured!
  4. ALMARI makes the hassle of garment storage, maintenance and aftercare, history.
  5. ALMARI stores, maintains and gives your occasion wear the extra care they deserve, with no hassle.

Safety & Security

  • Each garment is assigned with a unique code number, which is linked with respective customer number
  • The Care-House is monitored with CCTV cameras 24×7
  • A register entry is maintained for each garment when delivered to customer and also when received from customer
  • All garments have insurance cover

Convenience to customers

  • Photographs of the garments, with the unique code number, is shared with the respective customer
  • Free delivery & pickup
  • ALMARI ensures that your clothes are made available to you when you want to wear them, in a Ready-To-Wear condition